Choosing The Right Scratch Card Game

Beginner Thinking

For new scratch card players their game of choice is often based on the theme or the graphics more than anything else. Yes, it’s important to have a theme you like and make your play time as enjoyable as possible – but looking at the game mechanics can often help you win more often or get access to larger prizes on themes you find at least as entertaining.

Winning Tip

Whether you prefer casino style games, sports games or adventure games – you should always start by examining the rules and reading detailed reviews. See what your chance of winning will be, how large the main prize is and what the various investment offerings are to maximize your revenue.

For example, a football game on one site may have a nearly identical competitor on another site from a game play perspective but one may have very different odds than the other. Likewise, two different adventure games may have totally different jackpot amounts awarded as the main prize. A few minutes of reading may be the difference between winning 5,000 or 50,000 in some instances!


The only feeling worse than losing is winning and then finding out you could have won much more if you had played more thoughtfully to begin with. Take a few minutes to read detailed game reviews and game rules before choosing your favorite new scratch card game. Find a game in the theme niche you like the most and make sure it has competitive odds with other similar games on the site, and on other scratch card gaming sites. Why bring home only 5,000 if you could have won 50,000 playing the exact same game a slightly more clever way?! The choice is always yours!

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