Should You Become A Famous Scratch Card Player?

Beginner Thinking

Every scratch card player has jackpot dreams of winning a huge amount of money and being able to do the many things that money allows a person to accomplish. Buying a boat, getting a grand mansion estate, moving to another part of the world – each is a valid dream to chase, but in your dreams you may mistakenly include a moment where you tell the world what you have won and accept their applause.

Winning Tip

As many winning players can tell you, not everyone shares your best interests, especially when they know you have recently come into money with a big grand prize win on a well-known scratch off tickets website. Some will start asking you for money to support that own expenses, others will offer bogus investment advice or seek to find ways to swindle you out of your hard earned rewards. It makes many question whether the fame is really worth it or not.

That’s why so many scratch sites now avoid publishing the full names of the big winners, preferring instead to use initials for the privacy of their best players. You don’t have to trade away your anonymity for a chance to win big and winning players know you should choose to as unknown after winning as you were before you won.


Tell your closest friends and family for sure, but just because you won 50,000 or 200,000, that doesn’t mean telling a nosy coworker will do you any good in the long run. Some things are best kept to yourself, like your winning strategy and the amount of your jackpots. When they ask where you got that new car or those nice clothes, just tell them you learned how to make money online the easy way and leave them wondering what happened next!

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